One of the unique technical solutions in Marlene is our ability to avoid mast resonances by keeping Marlene’s rpm out of the own frequency range of the mast. This gives us the opportunity to make cheaper masts without compromising lifetime or safety.

In addition professor Karsten Latz of Hochschule Wismar and his team has invented a new mechanical dampening system to avoid resonances in structures. This can offer benefits, particularly when placing Marlene on rooftops to access greater wind speeds.

Elegant Energy and Hochschule Wismar have therefore started a research project geared to using this system in Marlene masts and test the functionality in daily practice. To this end a Marlene mast will be set up at the Hochschule Wismar and vibration tests will be performed.
Hochschule Wismar intends to also generate their own electricity with Marlene.

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