• The most elegant way to generate energy

    The gorgeous rotor blades of the Marlene wind turbine silently and efficiently transform wind into usable energy.

  • Project subsidy

    The research and development programme of Elegant Energy GmbH & Co. KG is supported by the European Fund for Regional Development.

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  • Blok System Supply

    will install two Marlenes at her location in Noord Holland, the Netherlands.

We believe every human being has the right to clean and limitless energy. Which is why we developed Marlene – the most elegant vertical axis wind turbine in the world.


Usually you need a permit to install a Marlene. We know how this process works, we supply all documentation required and help you through this sometimes tiresome, yet necessary process.

One Stop for All

We think it’s important that the process for acquiring a Marlene from us is as easy and pleasant an experience as possible. Which is why we designated one person who is your contact person for everything during the process from initial contact to installation. Of course, in the background our entire team is ready to support when required.

Project Planning

Installing a wind turbine is a complicated affair, with many factors to consider. We plan the complete project for you, so you can be sure that all details are taken care of.


Our own dedicated installation teams install Marlenes, because that way we can ensure quality and prevent failures. We do not work with inexperienced third party technicians.


We think it is important that we keep informing you of progress every step of the way.


If desired we offer proactive maintenance to ensure care free energy generation.