We celebrated the birth of Marlene!

Symbolic connection of Marlene (also) by the minister

In a combined effort by the Energy Minister Christian Pegel, Jörg Klingohr, Sven Thomsen, Dirk Schneemann, the Hopman Family and Kim van Wagtendonk the first Markene wind turbine was connected.

Making it happen together

Introduction of the pilot wind turbine in Golchener Hof

The first Marlene wind turbine has now been officially put in use on  “Golchener Hof”  owned by multitalented Jörg Klingohr. From now on the gorgeous wind turbine will supply energy to the farm hotel.

NDR came round as well!

Icon for the region

Christian Pegel, Energy minister of Mecklenburg Vorpommern, expressed his enthusiasm about the elegant Marlene wind turbine and Elegant Energy’s approach. The Minster assured the young company extensive support in the next phase. He wished Elegant Energy the best of success in opening her market.

Minister Christian Pegel praised Marlene

Joyous presentation by the company founders

The founders presented Marlene, their vision and the future. After an intensive research and development phase, scaling up production and achieving certification will now take place. A fantastic milestone!

Happy about the result so far

Impressions of the celebration