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Exemption granted by the North Holland North Environment Agency

Recently, the North Holland North Environment Agency granted Basecamp an exemption for the installation of 3 to 5 Marlene wind turbines at their location in IJmuiden in North Holland. This means that the permit to place Marlenes there is now final. The fact that the exemption was granted is special: the location is right next […]

Just Transition Fund in the IJmond region

Something special is happening in the IJmond region in North Holland. In this region, the IJmond Environment Agency and Greenbiz support local entrepreneurs in implementing energy transition plans. This reduces grid congestion and makes sustainably generated power available. Since the beginning of this year, entrepreneurs in the IJmond Region can also claim financial support from […]

Stralsund decided to permit placement

On 4th August 2022 Hansestadt Stralsund decided to permit placement of a Marlene at Ostseestaal. It is wonderful that we can continue to make progress in our home Bundesland of Mecklenburg Vorpommern, this time near the Ostsee coast.

Born on 4th July!

During an excellent meeting of the Lokaal Klimaat Akkoord Duurzaam Velsen at Blok System Supply, with representatives from the Velsen/IJmuiden city council, Tata Steel and numerous other local organisations, on 4th July 2022 we launched Marlene in the Netherlands! A fantastic day, with wonderful weather, and a great atmosphere. Marlene was placed next to two […]

Permit awarded for two Marlenes at Blok System Supply

4th May 2022 Yesterday the gemeente Velsen in the Netherlands awarded permit for placement of two Marlenes at Blok System Supply. This is an excellent next step in our production scaling up. Great thanks to the people of the municipality who have been working hard to make this possible. It is so important that all […]

EcoCabins – tiny houses

Dutch company EcoCabins specialises in creating “digital nomad” locations, by manufacturing and building small dwellings (highly eco friendly) in combination with independent clean energy. To complement their energy mix of pV panels, energy storage and a smart grid, EcoCabins selected Marlene as a promising wind energy provider. On their pilot location in IJmuiden the first […]

CIG Ostseestaal

Permit application is underway for the installation of Marlene at Ostseestaal’s Stralsund manufacturing plant. Ostseestaal is transitioning from a specialized metal shaping supplier to an integral clean energy solutions provider, such as manufacturing moulds for wind turbine wing manufacturing and developing and building solar ferries. Their excellent wind location will also be used for certification […]

Blok System Supply

Scaling up production of course requires a well organised and controlled supply chain. Blok System Supply has been selected by Elegant Energy to create this supply chain, so Elegant Energy can focus on her core business: inventing and developing decentralised energy systems. Blok System Supply will install two Marlenes at her location in Noord Holland, […]

DANFOSS supports Wind-Power Innovation

Based in the north of Germany, Elegant Energy GmbH & Co KG is a small,  but enormously innovative and capable company motivated by the belief that every human being has the right to clean and limitless energy. In support of this belief the company has developed Marlene, a new vertical axis wind turbine that is […]

TüV Nord conducts type tests

In accordance with the requirements of DIBt 2015, TÜV NORD is currently carrying out a type test of Marlene. In terms of quality assurance and reliability, type certification should follow afterwards. We are enjoying TÜV NORD’s professional, solution-oriented approach and their positive, confident feedback on our previous development work. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Slavko Jeličić from TÜV […]