In accordance with the requirements of DIBt 2015, TÜV NORD is currently carrying out a type test of Marlene. In terms of quality assurance and reliability, type certification should follow afterwards.

We are enjoying TÜV NORD’s professional, solution-oriented approach and their positive, confident feedback on our previous development work.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Slavko Jeličić from TÜV NORD: “Working on this vertical-axis wind turbine is very exciting and enjoyable for our entire team. Because in addition to the certification of many large horizontal-axis wind turbines, we are very interested in contributing to the further development of this type of system with enormous innovation potential. Increasing inquiries, especially regarding this type of turbine, indicate that customers are increasingly interested in the implementation of decentralized power generation with the help of vertical axis rotors, such as the Marlene wind turbine.”